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  • Medical genetics courses covers the diagnosis and treatment of genetic problems as well as hereditary variables that contribute to disorders or diseases in the patient's body.

    After earning good grades in science in the 12th grade from a reputable board, students can enroll in medical genetics courses.

    The grades from the higher secondary level in biology, chemistry, and physics are used to determine admission to medical genetics courses. For their medical genetics programs, some other universities have entry tests.

    There are numerous online classes available to help you complete the Medical Genetics Certificate program. These can be taken online through medical colleges or universities, and some of them are even taught by instructors from other universities.

    Certificate Medical Genetics Programs
    • Since no actual attendance is required, online programs are becoming more and more popular today.

    • Learners can enroll in a variety of certificate programs in medical genetics online.

    • Medical colleges and institutions offer these.

    Diploma & PG Diploma Medical Genetics Courses
    • After graduating from class XII, one can pursue a medical genetics diploma.

    • One must have a diploma from a reputable university or be working toward one to enroll in the PGD in Medical Genetic course.

    Bachelor Medical Genetics Courses
    • Students interested in pursuing a medical degree should take the Bachelor of Medical Genetics course.

    • The admission process is merit-based, and there is an entrance exam.

    Master Medical Genetics Courses
    • After passing, one can enroll in a master's program in medical genetics. baccalaureate programs in medical genetics
    • Medical entrance exams for postgraduate degrees are held at the national, state, and university levels.

    Doctorate Medical Genetics Courses
    • After passing, one can enroll in a master's program in medical genetics. baccalaureate programs in medical genetics

    The opportunity for the graduating class is excellent. Hospitals, forensic divisions, the pharmaceutical sector, the military, research facilities, animal bleeding businesses, etc. are some of the job locations. In the aforementioned employment locations, one may expect to make between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000 each month.

    Some of the abilities taught in the course may be useful to the students in their future employment. These include genetic epidemiology, epigenetics, epigenomics, clinical genetics, and developmental genetics, among others.

    Medical Genetic Certificate Courses

    PG Diploma Courses in Medical Genetics

    After graduating from class XII with 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, one can enroll in a PG Diploma program.

    Bachelor Medical Genetics Courses

    A three-year degree called the Bachelor of Science in Medical Genetics focuses on every aspect of patient diagnosis and genetic illnesses.

    What are the Top Job Options after Medical Genetics Courses?

    One can apply for different job positions in the field. Or can do research scientist jobs in laboratories. Top job opportunities after completing the Medical Genetic courses are as follows:


    must conduct tests and conduct research for the creation of pharmacological therapies so that the drugs can protect and enhance the patient's health. They are professionals who conduct and test drug research investigations.

    Starting Salary: INR 4,00,000

    Skills Required

    Clinical Scientist

    They are in charge of doing physiological sample analysis and outcome evaluation.

    Starting Salary: INR 4,50,000

    Skills Required

    Assistant Professor

    They are responsible for giving lectures to students, developing curriculum, overseeing exams and assessments, and collaborating with students on research projects while employed as lecturers in universities and colleges.

    Starting Salary: INR 5,19,640

    Skills Required

    Genetics Laboratory Technician

    They must work in labs, then carry out research and examine how genetics is used in medicine. To conduct research, make diagnoses, and administer care, they analyze the DNA of patients.

    Starting Salary: INR 2,95,600

    Skills Required

    Clinical Geneticist

    They are in charge of diagnosing patients and recommending treatments for inherited illnesses.

    Starting Salary: INR 4,00,000

    Skills Required

    The average income for these top positions following Medical Genetics degrees in India is compared in the accompanying chart.

    What Skills are required in Medical Genetics Courses?

    To work in hospitals, research labs, etc., one should have additional talents. There are numerous subfields within medical genetics where students can learn more. Here, a few of their abilities are described in more detail.