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  •  The Master of Arts in Political Science, commonly referred to as MA Political Science, is a two-year postgraduate program offered in India. This course imparts specialized knowledge about both Indian and international politics to graduate students, equipping them for careers in governance and public management.

    The curriculum of MA Political Science encompasses key subjects such as Political Theory, Public Administration, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Public Laws. 

    Graduates holding this degree can anticipate earning an average annual salary ranging from INR 4 to 8 lakhs. They can find employment opportunities in diverse sectors including Academia, Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, and more.

    Beyond the array of professions available, such as Political Consultant, Academician, Activist, and Political Content Writer, students can also opt for advanced studies. Pursuing an M.Phil or a PhD in Political Science are two popular and advantageous paths for those seeking further academic exploration.

    MA Political Science Eligibility

    The eligibility criteria for MA in Political Science include the:

    • A Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Arts and Humanities.

    • Graduation marks range from 45% to 55%, varying among universities.

    • Non-humanities courses typically require a higher minimum pass percentage.

    MA Political Science: What is it all About?

    • Duration: The course in India spans 2 years, organized into 4 semesters.

    • Interdisciplinary Focus: It provides an interdisciplinary study of governance, covering political doctrines, polity, international law, political philosophy, and governance.

    • Research Emphasis: Students complete research papers and dissertations in their final year.

    • Political Careers: Graduates specializing in political science can pursue impactful careers within the country's political system.

    • Governance Insight: The course offers insights into the national governance and administrative structure, along with a crash course on civil rights and duties.

    • Global Perspective: Students gain in-depth knowledge of political practices in India and worldwide.

    Why study MA in Political Science?

    • Diverse Skills: The degree enhances communication, public relations, generic reasoning, public response management, and analytical response studies.

    • Campaign Management: Opens opportunities in managing public campaigns and studying politicians' service areas.

    • Skill Development: Develops writing, data analysis, communication, and analytical reasoning abilities.

    • Liberal Arts Education: Provides a comprehensive liberal arts education, fostering independent decision-making grounded in historical and current knowledge.

    • Versatile Career Paths: Graduates can venture into journalism, teaching, consulting, law, polling, communications, and more.

    • Political Preparation: Equips students for electoral politics, public policy formulation, and active community engagement.

    • Public Figure Potential: Properly utilized, the degree can elevate an individual to a notable position in the country's political landscape.

    MA Political Science Jobs

    MA in Political Science opens doors to a dynamic career in administration, journalism, research, and politics. Graduates often pursue competitive government exams for roles in the Public Service sector, with the potential to attain recognition and earn between INR 4-8 LPA.

    MA Political Science Scope

    • Growing Demand: Graduates with political science backgrounds and a passion for public policy are increasingly sought after.

    • Career Paths: Upon completing the course, graduates have options in both public and private sectors.

    • Further Studies: Advanced options like M.Phil or PhD in Political Science are ideal for higher education.

    • M.Phil in Political Science: A postgraduate research program covering areas like Public Administration, International Politics, Research Methods, etc.

    • PhD in Political Science: A 3-year doctorate program delving into political theory and practice, offering specializations like Political Hypothesis, Public Policy, and International Relations.

    • International Opportunities: A completed MA in Political Science opens doors to travel abroad for research and seminars.

    MA Political Science: FAQs 

    Q: What is MA in Political Science?

    A: MA Political Science is an academic program focused on various aspects of global politics, preparing individuals for roles like elected officials, lobbyists, and more.

    Q: Is MA Political Science difficult?

    A: The program can pose challenges due to its engagement with complex subjects like ideology, religion, culture, etc. However, with determination, the course can be manageable.

    Q: What are the main fields of MA Political Science?

    A: MA in Political Science covers several significant fields, including:

    • American Politics

    • Comparative Politics

    • International Relations

    • Political Economy

    • Political Philosophy

    Q: How long is a MA Political Science degree?

    A: A full-time MA Political Science program typically spans two years.

    Q: What is the average cost of studying MA in Political Science?

    A: The average cost of the program ranges from INR 20,000 to 80,000.

    Q: What is the average salary for a graduate with a MA in Political Science?

    A: The salary for MA Political Science graduates varies based on multiple factors, but generally falls within the range of INR 4-8 LPA.

    Q: What career options are available with an MA in Political Science degree?

    A: Possibilities include roles in Political Management, Administration, Journalism, Public Relations, and Public Services, as well as further academic pursuits.