Admission open for MA MARATHI 2023-24

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  • Students enrolled in the MA Journalism & Mass Communication program receive instruction in both technical abilities and critical media analysis. The postgraduate program lasts for two years. In order to inform the public, the course covers the study of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, television, etc.

    The MA Marathi Syllabus covers a wide range of topics, including Western Poetics, Principles of Literary Criticism, Marathi Criticism, Folk Art and Literature, Marathi Language Study, History and Trends in Modern Marathi Literature, and Modern Marathi Literature.

    Students must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university in the applicable stream to be eligible to apply for this course.

    Candidates' performance in the entrance tests held by the admission authorities or their performance in the Bachelor’s degree exams will determine if they are admitted to this course.

    The cost of attending MA Marathi courses varies depending on the university. The typical annual course cost is typically between INR 20,000 and INR 900,000.

    Holders of an MA in Marathi may find employment in a variety of fields, such as the private sector, private academic institutions, translation service providers, tourism, print media, etc., and in positions such as translator, teacher, Marathi interpreter, online transcript, typist, etc., with an average yearly salary between INR 2,000 and INR 6,000.

    Students who successfully complete this degree may pursue additional academic study, research, and higher education through MPhil and Ph.D. Marathi programs. In essence, this course offers a strong foundation for subsequent research and related opportunities. Check out the best Ph.D. Marathi colleges here.

    MA Marathi: What is it about? 

    To learn more about the MA Marathi course, read the following:

    Why Should You Study MA Marathi?

    There are many benefits of pursuing a MA Marathi course. The main benefits of pursuing this program are as follows:

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for Admission to MA Marathi? 

    The minimum eligibility criteria for students who want to pursue an MA in Marathi from Indian universities are given below:

    What are the Career Options and Job Profiles Available After Completing MA in Marathi?

    Some of the popular professional jobs available to MA Marathi degree holders along with the corresponding salaries are provided in the table given below: 

    Job Profile

    Job Description

    Average Annual Salary

    Associate Professor/lecturer

    This job designation comes after school. These professional can teach both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Marathi

    INR 3,67,000

    Translator and Content writer in Marathi

    The professionals who help to translate foreign content into the local language and vice versa. They create content regarding this particular language

    for INR 2,00,980


    Regional journalists can convey news and reports in a regional language like Marathi which makes it easy to understand for all kinds of viewers. Collecting local reposts and surveying regional zones is also part of the job.

    INR 5,60,500

    Marathi Coordinator

    A Marathi Coordinator’s responsibility is planning and implementing the Marathi curriculum. Also, they develop programs for educational institutions, Marathi activities, community services, or other such areas.

    INR 2,61,669

    Poet Or Novel Writer

    They can be individual independent writers or writing for magazines but creating good content and getting well renowned always makes it fruitful.

    INR 4,55,286

    What is the Future Scope After Completing a MA Marathi Course? 

    Students who have completed the MA Marathi program have a large number of career options. The future scopes for MA Marathi degree holders are given below :