Admission open for MA Journalism & Mass Communication 2023-24

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  • Students enrolled in the MA Journalism & Mass Communication program receive instruction in both technical abilities and critical media analysis. The postgraduate program lasts for two years. In order to inform the public, the course covers the study of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, television, etc.

    The average course fee in India is between INR 54,000 and INR 3 LAC. Students must have earned a Bachelor's degree in any stream from an accredited university with a minimum grade point average of 50% in order to be admitted to the program. Some institutions base admission decisions on the results of an entrance exam they administer, which is then followed by a group discussion and a personal interview.

    These graduates are employed in jobs like art director, correspondent, fashion photographer, cartoonist, feature writer, production worker, columnist, film director, proofreader, journalist, news analyst, floor manager, presenter, free-lance writer, public relations officer, radio jockey, screenwriter, reporter, sound technician, transmission executive, and special correspondent. Postgraduates who are successful can make anywhere from INR 2.45 to 9 Lacs.

    MA Journalism & Mass Communication: What is it About?

    The study of numerous forms of communication that people can use to spread information to a sizable portion of the population through the media is called MA Journalism & Mass Communication. In general, the course offers instruction and training in reporting, writing, editing, photography, etc.

    Students can choose to specialize in a variety of journalism-related subjects, including corporate communications, sports journalism, science journalism, fashion journalism, and environmental journalism.

    Successful graduates can find employment in industries like advertising agencies, publishing houses for books and novels, radio stations throughout India, photography studios, broadcasting corporations, press information bureaus, radio broadcasting companies, television networks, and websites, among others.

    Eligibility for MA Journalism & Mass Communication

    The basic requirements for candidates interested in enrolling in the course are as follows:

    MA Journalism & Mass Communication: Career Prospects

    Students with an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication have the option of continuing their education with a Ph.D. or an M.Phil. in Journalism and Mass Communication. They may also apply for JRF of UGC-NET.

    Successful postgraduates in journalism and mass communication can pursue careers in areas like advertising agencies, publishing companies, legal affairs departments, all india radio, photography companies, broadcasting corporations, journals, periodicals, and magazines, among others.

    Job Position

    Job Description

    Average Annual Pay Scale in INR


    They are in charge of covering the news that the general public will find interesting. Speaking in front of the camera is their assigned task. They are able to provide live news, sports news, etc.

    3, 46, 511

    Content Writers

    They contribute to the creation of interesting and educational website material.

    2, 38, 392


    Essentially, they use pictures to tell the narrative.

    3, 45, 727


    They convert the manuscripts into scripts for the purpose of filmmaking

    2, 50, 000


    They are tasked with gathering and disseminating news and events. Journalists might be employed by newspapers, journals, news organizations, etc.

    3, 46, 511


    It is the job of editors to find and fix spelling, syntactic, and punctuation mistakes. Additionally, they plan, revise, and edit to increase readability.

    3, 59, 978