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  • Bachelor of fine arts (BFA) BFA

    Bachelor of Fine Arts 

    BFA full form is Bachelor of Fine Arts. BFA course is a 3-4 year undergraduate course depending on the specialization. Bachelor of Fine Arts deals with visual, performing, or fine arts such as painting, animation, or pottery. BFA is also known as Visual arts in some cases. 

    BFA Syllabus includes subjects like painting, illustration, history, graphics, etc. Bachelor of Fine Arts can also be pursued in a variety of specializations like BFA Applied Art, BFA Painting, and BFA Photography. 

    After graduation, candidates can choose to pursue MFA or find BFA Job opportunities in the entertainment industry, media houses, marketing firms, publications, art galleries, schools, and colleges. The average BFA salary per month in India ranges from INR 25,000 to 50,000. Fine Arts Courses provide the opportunity to develop skills related to painting, photography, singing, etc which is a thriving industry as a whole. 

    Why Study Bachelor of Fine Arts

    BFA is a diverse course as it offers a lot of career options in the sectors of arts, writing, entertainment, media, and the like. 

    BFA Eligibility

    Students who want to take admissions to Bachelor of Fine Arts must meet the following requirements to be accepted into universities and BFA colleges:

    What are the Types of BFA Courses?

    There is a list of types of Bachelor of Fine Arts courses that are available for pursuing a Bachelor in Fine arts program. Some of them are Part-time, Full time and Distance Learning modes. Below is discussed in detail each type of course and their respective BFA colleges.

    Courses to Pursue After BFA

    Post completing a BFA degree, students can pursue higher studies such as MFA after finishing their Bachelor of Fine Arts course. The qualifying criteria for this course differ in terms of level and course structure.

    The basic requirements for MFA are listed below for your reference

    BFA Specializations

    Depending on the student's interests and professional ambitions, the Bachelor of Fine Arts program offers a variety of BFA specializations. The following are some of the most prominent specializations: 

    BFA Jobs & Placements

    Students are given positions in a variety of sectors after finishing the BFA course, including entertainment, therapy, and teaching. The average of an individual with BFA ranges between 3 - 6 LPA.

    Job Profiles

    Depending on the specialization chosen, BFA students have access to a variety of work opportunities. Artists, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Musicians, Actors, Visual Artists, Screenwriters, Animators, Cartoonists, and others can all work in the field.

    Course Subjects

    The fine arts course might vary from college to college, but the basic premise will remain the same. Here’s a list of subjects that students, pursuing fine arts courses, study:

    Careers in Fine Arts

    Artists communicate their imagination through their art. They are often self-employed or work in collaboration with different artists. There are artists who specialize as multimedia artists, animators, graphic designers, sculptors, etc. Such individuals are highly sought if they are better than the rest in their field of specialization. They have to meet their clients, understand their needs, and figure out the best way to portray their vision and requirements through art. There are various career options for such talented individuals in fine arts such as

    Required Skillset for Fine Arts

    The students who pursue fine arts are generally artistic individuals who are highly passionate about their art. There are some basic skills that help employers and colleges segregate and select the best artists. Some of them have been listed below:

    Creativity skills – One of the most important things to be a successful artist is to be creative, innovative, and true to yourself. An art, which is a representation of an artist, sells better than a copied version. If you are not creative, you’ll soon be out of the game. Art is the representation of one’s creativity therefore creativity is a must-have.

    Imagination skills – An individual who has new, inspiring ideas and the enthusiasm to portray those ideas in their work are true artists. Art is a product of an artist’s imagination.

    Photography skills – If you want to make photography your career you must be already vested in photography. Therefore, having sound knowledge and skill will help you seek admission.

    Patience- There are plenty of artists out there, making the competition tougher. Therefore, to get recognized you’ll have to work consistently even if you don’t get appreciation and acceptance in the beginning. Patience is the key to being successful.

    Ans. - Curator, Gallery Assistant, Community Artist, Theater Set Designer, Freelance Studio Artist, Gallery Artist, Illustrator, Creative Designer, Art Historian, Art Acquisition Specialist, Curator, Gallery Assistant, and Community Artist are trending Career Opportunities for BFA graduates.

    Ans. - Art is a slow-moving process of self-discovery. Students with an interest in art and creativity, as well as the ability to learn and, more significantly, unlearn, are perfect individuals for BFA

    Ans. - Yes, Some of the colleges provide Scholarships for SC/ST/BC students. Various Central Government Schemes and NGOs also provide Scholarship schemes to BFA students who need Financial Aid.

    Ans. - No, the basic eligibility requirement for BFA is Clearing 10+2 in any stream or its equivalent from a recognized board. However, students can opt for Diploma in BFA provided by various colleges in India for 10th qualification individuals.