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Bir Tikendrajit University is a new age university driving individual empowerment and social progress through blended learning. We believe in providing education that cultivates creative understanding, enables diverse, talented, hardworking graduates to pursue disruptive thinking leading to productivity, to enjoy the pleasures of lifelong learning, and to reap the satisfactions of aiding communities around us. At BTU, we intend to attract & serve students from diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds and to be sensitive and responsive to those who have been underserved by higher education. The great philosopher Sri Vivekananda said that if students cannot reach the door of education, education will reach at the door of the students no matter where they live. In the long term, Bir Tikendrajit University aims at becoming a global institution through innovative programs linking humanities, arts, social sciences, pure sciences and health sciences, which will empower our students and faculty to collectively contribute to the world.


To become a globally known education institution responsive to the dynamic world around us by grooming students to pursue lifelong learning, empowering them to meet & exceed challenges through active participation in shaping the future.


Our mission is to provide high quality & accessible education through blended learning processes, qualitative & influential research, creative endeavours and scholarly experiences enabling our students to contribute locally and globally to knowledge, innovation and creativity.


1. Respect for Knowledge & Integrity - Respecting expertise and knowledge for its own sake and behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels.

2. Creativity & Innovation - The core intellectual aim of our university education is to foster creativity & innovation in the students and faculty, calling for a greater integration of knowledge among all domains.

3. Merit & Inclusiveness - within the given policy framework of education, all the students, irrespective of descent and prospects, are on a completely equal footing. We are open to everyone and include everyone who shares our quest for knowledge and commitment to pursuing truth, creativity and innovation, and the other virtues of higher education.

4. Freedom to Ideate – We are a space in which people associated with us are free to pursue all ideas without any discrimination. We are a centre of independent thought.

5. Lifelong Learning & Excellence - Encouraging enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth while maintaining high levels of performance leading to the achievement of academic and career goals.

Who We Are ?

Bir Tikendarjit University, Manipur is established by the Manipur Government as an Act No. 9 of 2020 and under u/s 2(f) of UGC act 1956.

With a view to keep pace with the rapid development in all spheres of Knowledge in the world and the country, it is essential to crate world level modern research and study facilities in the State to provide state of the art educational facilities to the youth at their doorstep so that they can make out of the human resources compatible with liberalized economics and social order of the World.

And rapid advancement of knowledge and changing requirements of human resources make it essential that a resourceful, quick and responsive system of educational research and development be created which can work with entrepreneurial zeal under an essential regulatory set up and such a system can be created by allowing private Institutions engaged in higher education having sufficient resources and experiences to establish Bir Tikendrajit University.

We bring differentiation to our students through blended curriculum, emphasizing industry connect through our Corporate Resource Center (CRC). We believe in overall grooming of our students through enhanced practical and industry exposure. Some of our unique grooming advantages are as below COURSES, ADMISSIONS & SCHOLARSHIPS Our passion is listening to student issues/ ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative solution. Most importantly, we keep it simple.

Aim and Objectives

The University has established with the Object of “ University will teach job oriented courses and small scale industry based courses so that the youth will become independent and self-employed too.

We will start courses in airplane, helicopter maintenance, repairing, and skill development & vocational courses in various fields as it is the dream of our present Prime Minister too.

We will have industry relations & placement department for the help of students in their career.

We have long term strategy and vision for the Students community in future.
The great philosopher Sri Vivekananda said that if students cannot reach the door of education, Education will reach at the door of the students no matter where they live, following this principle we have decided to reach to the rural.