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  • MBA Admissions 2022

    Top MBA College In Manipur, India

    Are you looking for the best MBA college in Manipur, India? Look no further! Bir Tikendrajit University is the top choice for students seeking quality education in business administration. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you for a successful career in the business world. Our faculty are experienced professionals who will guide you through your studies and help you reach your goals. We are proud to offer a top-notch education at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our college and how we can help you achieve your dreams!


    Why should you pursue MBA as a career?

    If you're considering your career options, MBA may be a good choice. An MBA can give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in business. 

    Employers who are looking for individuals with severe business awareness and leadership skills to drive future growth find MBA students to be a very attractive proposition because of the all-around development they experience while attending a business school. Every industry, including healthcare and finance, has a place for MBA graduates.


    It might be difficult for students to choose their dream job because there are so many employment opportunities available after receiving an MBA. Additionally, picking on a business school and an MBA focus might be influenced by your career goals after earning your MBA. We discuss the most sought-after MBA positions in India below to assist you and hopefully facilitate your decision-making.

    MBA Admissions 2022-23 At BTU -

    For its MBA programs, BTU offers more than 15 different specialties. Admission to this degree program requires both a counseling session and valid mark sheets.

    BTU University's MBA Program For the Year 2022-23 -

    MBA Top Courses At BTU -

    More than 20-course selections are available to you. Not all Indian colleges and universities, however, offer every MBA major. The most popular top MBA programs in India focus on management education with a strong emphasis on career development. Regardless of the style or length of an MBA program, the courses not only provide excellent learning opportunities but are also tailored to meet the needs of the industry. An MBA prepares you to become an expert in the particular field covered in the program, as well as to become well-rounded in other areas. 

    According to the projected career growth in the current environment, the top 23 specialties for MBA programs at BTU are as follows:

    Eligibility Criteria -

    Candidates must have passed at least a Bachelor's Degree Examination (3 years)

     Skillset Required For MBA -

    BTU’s Admission Process for MBA in 2022-23 -

    Candidates for admission must complete the application form according to the instructions below.

    Step 1

    Visit the official website of Bir Tikendrajit University (https://www.birtikendrajituniversity.ac.in/)                                              then select the "Admission" tab. Select “Admission Form” and fill in details respectively.

    Step 2-

    The application must be completed with the required information following successful registration.

    Step 3- 

    Pay Admission Fees

    Step 4-

    Upload Required Documents        

    Step 5-

    To finish the Admission procedure, Submit and Wait For the Document's Approval Verification.

    Documents Needed During the Admission Process -

    Ans. - Know how to produce and interpret a company's annual report. Understand how the stock market works. Know how to use a financial calculator. Be able to produce a SWOT analysis of a business without breaking a sweat.

    Ans. - Challenges Every MBA Student Should be Ready for Share and contribute. Why do you want to join an MBA? ... Learn from the others. Sometimes this is easier said than done. ... You are not the boss anymore. ... Give your best in team work. ... Test business ideas. ... Stay open and creative. ... Studies are demanding. ... Multicultural awareness.

    Ans. - In short, an MBA is as difficult as you make it, and is as rewarding as you invest in it. In the business world, there is rarely any hand-holding. You either develop into a competent business expert or are surpassed by the competition.

    Ans. - An MBA can enhance your marketability as a professional and increase the quality and quantity of job opportunities. Over 98% of Wharton MBA graduates are extended full-time job offers. An MBA also helps you build business leadership skills, as well as a professional network.

    Ans. - you do not require much coding knowledge in order to pursue your course of choice of MBA in IT. Candidates interested in pursuing this course are only required to learn how technical concepts are applied in the field of business. You may also increase your skills in coding if that is something that interests you.

    Ans. - The MBA will be far more hectic than your undergrad. This is true irrespective of the college. So be ready for sleepless nights, multiple simultaneous deadlines, a few failures and stressful times. Also, there will be a lot of people far more intelligent, hard-working than you.

    Ans. - Here are 11 top MBA skills that recruiters value the most. Communication skills. ... Versatility and flexibility. ... Strategic thinking. ... Digital savviness. ... Entrepreneurial spirit. ... Leadership skills. ... Resilience. ... Problem-solving.